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Love shopping online?
Especially when you find the best deal ever?

So do we!

That is why we created a site just for that.

A place where you can shop the best deals possible... but wait,
isn’t there like a gazillion of such sites out already! You are right, there are, but none like this!

Let us tell you why:


People find great deals online all the time. However, they don't take the time to share that deal with others. Selfish creatures

We set out on a journey to find out exactly why. Why don't people share the great deals they find with others?

The #1 reason why folks don't share is because they don't get anything in return!

Give them a reason to share!

People don’t share because they don’t get anything in return. So why not give them something in return?!

And that is exactly what we set out to do! Give people something in return for posting deals!
Every deal that a user posts will give him/her the chance to earn money.


Love the idea?


Q: How are you different than dozens of other deal sites out there?

A: We are different, because we share our earnings with users that submit deals, our users are interested in finding the very best deals online, making our deal site the best deal site!

Q: I'm only looking to shop for deals, why should I use DealzCity?

A: Since we share commissions with our deal posters, we have a much more eager community of deal finders that scan the entire world wide web in search of amazing deals.

Next, we teach our deal finders that quality is greater than quantity. One great deal can make them more money than 20 medicore deals.

Finally, we allow only ONE unique deal on our site. The first user to find an post a great deal will be the user that gets paid. This creates a competitive environment, encouraging users to be the first to post that great deal.

Summary of why you should shop with DealzCity:
#1: Eager deal finders = More deals for you
#2: Users earn more when posting top quality deals = Only the best deals
#3: Competitive environment = DealzCity has great deals before any deal site.

Q: How does DealzCity work?

A: We are partnered with over 500 retailers and get paid commission for referring sales to those retailers. But instead of being greedy, and keeping all those commission for ourselves (like many deal sites out there) we split that comission with the user that found that deal in the first place!

Q: Does DealzCity work internationally?

A: At the moment deal Shopping is for USA customers only. However deal posting is open to everybody. You simply need to find, and post great deals for the US market. You can earn commissions from anywhere in the world!

Q: When and how will I get paid?

A: If you will have earnings, we will contact you asking what your preferred payment is, and send you the payment.

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